Yuriy Gurzhy and the Jewkranians

Lukaskirche Lukasplatz 1, Dresden

Charity Gala & Opening Concert In recent years he has been a guest of the Jewish Week as an artist - played for example with the Banda Comunale or with Marina Frenk and Daniel Kahn as The Disorientelists on the stage of the Societaetstheater. For our opening concert, Yuriy Gurzhy takes us on a search […]

16 € – 18 €

The Black Rooster sings

Staatsschauspiel Dresden / Kleines Haus Glacisstraße 28, Dresden

Songs of Jewish Latvia Named after Emilis Jūlis Melngailis (translated: the black rooster), a Latvian composer and musicologist, the artists refrain from polite banter, but tear the sound of Jewish Latvia out of its idyllic past. Instead, they use the strongest moments and courageously point the way forward. The vision of the project is to […]

16 € – 18 €

Else Ensemble

C. Bechstein Centrum Dresden An der Frauenkirche 12, Dresden

The expressionist poet Else Lasker-Schüler is the namesake of the Else Ensemble, in which outstanding young German and Israeli musicians play, all of whom are friends with each other. All of them are laureates of international competitions and members of the world's leading orchestras and play not only string, woodwind and piano chamber music, but […]

13 € – 15 €

Daniel Kahn & Stella’s Morgenstern

C. Bechstein Centrum Dresden An der Frauenkirche 12, Dresden

Hafn-Lider Musicians of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg sail through Jewish migrations in word and song. The focus of this recital is the Port of Hamburg, which developed into the most important emigration port in Europe around 1900. It was a hub for millions of Eastern European refugees on their way to the New World. […]

16 € – 18 €

Jewish Ball 2022

Trinitatiskirche Trinitatisplatz 1, Dresden

Afn Veg tzu Sholem - with Druzi and dance master Sayumi Yoshida It will be played again! Our wild ride through this evening will be accompanied by dance master Sayumi Yoshida and the Ukrainian all-star exile band DRUZI. The old rhythms of this troubled country, which bring people together to strengthen the community, transform these […]

10 € – 12 €


Trinitatiskirche Trinitatisplatz 1, Dresden

Gurgulitza is a German-Israeli trio that was founded in 2018 on a musical journey in the Bulgarian mountains and has been enthusiastic ever since. Inspired by the southern European singing techniques, Netta Shachar, Nitsar Bernstein and Madlen Stange collect old songs on their travels and rearrange them. Masterfully they master the vocal technique of polyphony. […]

14 € – 16 €