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The “Jewish Music and Theatre Week Dresden” and its association of the same name emerged in 2011 from the “Yiddish Music and Theatre Week – Encounters with Jewish Life”. This festival was an initiative of the Rocktheater Dresden e.V., which finished its work at the end of 2011, in cooperation with the Jewish Community of Dresden and HATiKVA e.V.

The history of the festival

The “Yiddish Music and Theatre Week Dresden” was founded in 1996 as a special and almost unique place in Germany for Yiddish, for the Eastern European Jewish culture almost completely destroyed by Germany. The idea was born under the leadership of Detlef Hutschenreuter in the circle of the Dresden RockTheater and his friends. 16 years later, i.e. after about 500 events with over 300 participating artists and ensembles and most recently over 4000 visitors, the festival has grown up for a long time. We have expanded it to “Encounters with Jewish Life”, Jewish culture in local and global context is presented.

Experienced multiculturalism: meet each other, get to know each other, learn from each other, engage, celebrate with each other. A big thank you to our sponsors, partners, helpers and to the friends of the festival – to all those who help year after year to make this festival possible! From 2012, the festival will be called “Jewish Music and Theatre Week Dresden”, which is logical. Even under this broader name, Yiddish will continue to have its permanent place in Dresden and Germany.


In addition to a number of Dresden citizens, some of whom have been committed to the festival for many years, the Jewish Community of Dresden, HATiKVA e.V. and the Societaetstheater Dresden are important members of the Jewish Music and Theatre Week Dresden e.V. as main partners of the festival.


The organisation and programme planning of the festival is carried out by the festival director and managing director appointed by the association and a small festival team.

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