Supporters of the festival

In 1997, the “Yiddish Music and Theatre Week” was founded as a special and almost unique place for Yiddish in Germany. Even after the name change in 2012, we continued the important work of providing Jewish culture in the Saxon capital with a large stage and giving all visitors two weeks of unforgettable encounters with numerous guests from all over the world.

In addition to public funding from the state capital Dresden and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, our festival is dependent on a variety of other support in order to make our program as diverse and interesting as our audience has known and appreciated it for years. Without the contributions of our supporters, sponsors and donors, the festival could not do its important and beautiful work!

Equally important are, of course, the association of the same name founded in 2011 and the cooperation partners of our festival.

If you are also interested in making a contribution to the continued existence and further development of the festival, then we would be very pleased about your contact ! We are happy to inform you about the different possibilities of commitment, from simple monetary donation to sponsoring to sponsoring membership.

We would like to thank our supporters and sponsors:

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We would like to thank our supporting members:
Reni Bartsch, Anna Fechter, Regina Schulz, Marianne Steinhagen and others, who did not wish to be published.

We would like to thank them for their outstanding support of the festival:

  • Dr. med. Johannes Schetelig
  • IPROconsult GmbH
  • Dipl.-Med. Gadaljahu Moschinski
  • Dagmar and Hagen Friede
  • Dr Felix German
  • Dr. Matthias Rößler (President of the Saxon State Parliament)
  • DRESDENCAR – Transport service for people with reduced mobility

We thank you for the private donations of:

Annett and Falk Adam, Thomas Berndt, Bishop Heinrich Timmerevers (Diocese of Dresden-Meissen), Johannes Böhme, Dr. Christian Bösl, Martin and Susann Dulig, Sabine Friedel, Thomas Früh, Margarete Füßer and Prof. Dr. Christoph Meyer, Hans-Christoph Gaitzsch, Susanne Gärtner, Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Gläser, Dr. Martina Große and Ulrich Große, Thomas Jurk, Wolfgang Howald, Heike Kadner, Hanka Kliese, Christiane Krebs, Constanze Krehl, Stephan Kühn, Bishop Tobias Bilz (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony), Dr. Jürgen Lautenschläger, members of the parliamentary group DIE LINKE in the Saxon State Parliament, Dr. Peter Lames, Doris Lämmel, Valentin Lippmann, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Löffler, Wolfram Nagel, Albrecht Pallas, Prof. Dr. Peter Porsch, Oliver Reinhard, Miriam Reinhardt, Dr. Bernd Rump, Susann Rüthrich, Kerstin Schachtschneider, Dr. Dagmar Schatz, Elfi and Joseph Schijveschuurder, Dr. Dolores Schurath, Ursula Seubert and Peter Kober, Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, Sturm Rechtsanwälte Dresden, Domokos Szabó, Dr. Annette Teufel, Dr. Rainer Thümmel, Sylvia Tietze, Sebastian Vogel, Horst Wehner, Ingo Wobst, Volkmar Zschocke and others who do not wish to be published. (As of August 31, 2021)

In addition, many volunteers of the association Jüdische Musik- und Theaterwoche Dresden e.V. and the Freundeskreis des Festivals as well as the members of the participating associations and the Jewish Community of Dresden support us again.

To all of you: Thank you very much!



In addition to the long-standing festival partners engaged in the Jewish Music and Theatre Week Dresden e.V., our festival is significantly enriched by the fruitful cooperation with a number of other partners. This year we are pleased about the cooperation with:

  • Banda Comunale
  • Evangelisches Kreuzgymnasium Dresden
  • Austrian Gymnasium Prague
  • Musaik – grenzenlos musizieren e.V.
  • Homosexual/transgender/bisexual association Gerede e.V.
  • TheaterRuine St. Pauli e.V.
  • Dny židovské kultury-Teplický cimes
  • HELLERAU – European Centre of the Arts
  • Gay Museum Berlin
  • Arthouse Cinema East
  • Gefilte Fest Dresden e. V.


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