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Film premiere “Silent Shadows”

The 40-minute film will be followed by a discussion. Moderation: Valentina Marcenaro

Film in English and German w/ subtitles

The documentary “Silent Shadows – Anti-Semitism as Part of Jewish Identities” is an impressive and harrowing journey through a European millennium marked by microaggressions and anti-Semitism. From the 1st Crusade to the present day, it gives a deep insight into the everyday challenges and legacy faced by the Jewish people.

The film begins with a historical account that takes the viewer:inside on an emotional journey through the centuries. Accompanied by the music of the Italian “Ensemble Lucidarium”, it describes the cruel events that the Jewish inhabitants of the SHUM cities of Mainz, Speyer and Worms had to experience and leaves no doubt about how deeply rooted anti-Semitism is in European history.

However, it is not only about the obvious effects of anti-Semitism, but also about the more subtle forms of discrimination known as microaggressions. By focusing on everyday examples of prejudice, stereotyping and derogatory remarks, the documentary shows how these seemingly small acts of hostility affect the lives and self-esteem of the Jewish community on a daily and lasting basis to this day.

The combination of historical facts, expert interviews and personal accounts of Jewish people from different generations gives the documentary an extraordinary depth and authenticity. One can feel the anger, the sadness, but also the hope that speaks from the voices of those who are confronted with anti-Semitism and microaggressions.

“Silent Shadows” not only gives an insight into the suffering of the Jewish community, but also sheds light on the efforts and successes in the fight against anti-Semitism. This provides a positive outlook, showing how resistance and solidarity have helped to preserve the legacy of Jewish identity and overcome hatred. The film is a reminder that we are all part of a global community with a responsibility to live together in equality and peace.


Anti-Semitism is not a trivial offence!

You have experienced an antisemitic incident yourself and/or would like to report an antisemitic incident? The Federal Association of Research and Information Centres on Anti-Semitism (Bundesverband der Recherche- und Informationsstellen Antisemitismus e.V.) pursues the goal of ensuring uniform civil society recording and documentation throughout Germany with the help of the reporting portal https://www.report-antisemitism.de.

In particular, the federal association promotes the trust and thus the willingness of Jewish persons and persons perceived as Jewish to take advantage of civil society reporting and support services. Each case is processed (anonymously) and a response is given in each case – if desired, also with referral to psychosocial, legal, anti-discrimination, victim or trial counselling.


A production of the Jewish Week Dresden 2023.

Avery Gosfield

Matthias Barthel
Nils Brabandt

Camera and sound
Matthias Barthel
Nils Brabandt
Marvin Menné

Editing and Postproduction
Matthias Barthel Nils Brabandt

Avery Gosfield

Recording direction and sound Ensemble Lucidarium
Benjamin Dreßler

Avery Gosfield
Carla Nahadi Babelegonto
Enrico Fink
Karin Kissel
Leah Lautenschläger
Marco Siegmund

Music and scientific research
Ensemble Lucidarium
Avery Gosfield – recorders, one-hand flute & drum
Carla Nahadi Babelegonto – vocals
Élodie Poirier – vielle & rebec
Enrico Fink – vocals
Luca Piccioni – vocals, lute, tremolo
Massimiliano Dragoni – percussion & dulcimer

We also thank for their cooperation
Film Gallery Phase IV
Jewish Cemetery “Holy Sand” in Worms
Federal Association of Research and Information Centres on Anti-Semitism e.V.
Jewish Religious Community Mainz – Rheinhessen K.d.ö.R.
Jewish Museum Worms – Rashi House
UNESCO World Heritage “SchUM Sites
Nibelungen City Worms
Worms Synagogue
Art House Worms
Wunderhoeren Festival
Dr. David Maier, Cultural Coordinator of the City of Worms
Gunther Minas, Artistic director ShUM Artist in Residence Program

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Nov 06 2023


Date: 6. November 2023
Time: 20:00
Cost: 5 € – 7 €
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Filmgalerie Phase IV

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Dresden, 01099

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