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Expert Talk with George R. Wilkes

How Cultural Programmes Contribute to the Human Rights Agenda: Jews as Co-Creators
This presentation will be delivered in English and simultaneously translated into German.

Governments often work against antisemitism and other intolerance reactively, focusing on condemning and punishing acts of hate. But to be effective in countering extremist cultural norms, communities need to embrace the values brought by people who are represented as different in a problematic way. A human rights specialist, Dr Wilkes highlights recent work that models what this looks like in the lives of communities that include Jews deliberately. Social and political spaces founded on effective human rights programming need to relate the boundaries of acceptable behaviour by demonstrating the gains made when normal, everyday life includes rather than excludes. Cultural activities are one of the most effective ways of making clear what this looks like. Dr Wilkes addresses how important it can be to embrace Jewish cultural activities in building a human rights respecting culture, and how important cultural activities can be in interrupting the culture of polarisation which feeds antisemitism.

George R. Wilkes is an academic who has lectured at Cambridge, Edinburgh and Leuven universities. He spent 10 months in 2023-24 as a consultant to Human Rights Watch, assessing strategies to address antisemitic hate crime in Germany and internationally.

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Symposium “Jewish, Now! – The Significance of Jewish Culture for a Democratic Society”
When: April 15th and 16th, 2024
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Apr 16 2024


Date: 16. April
Time: 09:30 - 10:30
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Königstr. 15 Dresden 01097 Deutschland

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