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A woman / with audience discussion

Mosaics of memory: In an intimate way, she remembers a woman for whom the feeling of homelessness was a permanent state. At the same time, it is the story of the exile experiences of an entire generation in the 20th century.

France, Germany, Holland and Argentina – countries where the director’s mother has spent all her life. The film takes viewers back to these places and uses photos, diary entries and archive films to remind them of the life of Marie Louise Chatelaine Meerapfel. The result is a deeply emotional and touching film in the form of a documentary essay. Here the author finds her own aesthetic form of remembrance, which is also permeated by ruptures and inconsistencies and leaves room for her own imaginations. The film combines personal biography with contemporary history. The story of this woman, her experiences on the run and in exile are thus representative of the stories of many women of that era.

This will be followed by an audience discussion in the presence of the director. You are welcome to ask questions or just listen to the conversation.

Interview with Jeanine Meerapfel on the Jewish Film Festival Berlin/Brandenburg in May 2022

Director: Jeanine Meerapfel
Country/Countries: DE, AR
Year: 2021
Duration: 104 min.

Photo: Unafilm


Date: 29. October 2022
Time: 17:15
Cost: 8.5 € – 9.5 €
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