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Barbara Miller’s documentary #FEMALEPLEASURE puts the spotlight on five extraordinary women: courageous, clever and self-determined. They break the taboo of silence and shame imposed by archaic-patriarchal structures.

Deborah Feldman, Leyla Hussein, Rokudenashiko, Doris Wagner and Vithika Yadav are committed to sexual education and self-determination with incredible energy, regardless of social and religious norms. But the price is high: public defamation, persecution, threats and the loss of their former environment. Even death threats from religious fanatics are inevitable.

#FEMALEPLEASURE vividly shows how universal the mechanisms that govern women’s lives are, regardless of cultural and religious boundaries. At the same time, these five protagonists show us how to bring about change with courage, strength and joie de vivre.

The film is a stirring testimony to the fact that structures can be overcome if we work together for change.


DEBORAH FELDMAN grew up in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in New York. After her forced marriage at the age of 17, she fought for a free, self-determined life. Today, she is a successful writer and role model for women in ultra-Orthodox communities.

LEYLA HUSSEIN was genitally mutilated as the child of a devout Muslim family. As a psychotherapist and activist, she campaigns against female genital mutilation and fights for sexual self-determination for Muslim women.

As a manga artist, ROKUDENASHIKO from Japan fights against the taboo surrounding female lust and sexuality. She has been arrested and charged, but continues to advocate for artistic freedom and acceptance of the vagina.

DORIS WAGNER was abused in a devout Protestant-Catholic family in Bavaria. As a theologian and philosopher, she fights against sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and advocates for victims.

VITHIKA YADAV from Rajasthan, India, was brought up in a traditional Hindu family. Despite social norms, she fights against sexual harassment and assault of Indian women. She founded the platform “Love Matters” for sex education and was awarded for it.

These extraordinary women show us how they fight for change with courage and commitment. Their stories touch and inspire as they advocate for sexual education, equality and self-determination.


Barbara Miller – Director & Script
Switzerland/Germany 2018
Running time: 97 minutes


Date: 7. November 2023
Time: 19:30
Cost: 7.50 € – 8.50 €
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