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Gefilte Fest Dresden 2022

No, we do not proselytize! Except for delicious food. Because nothing connects like sitting together with family and friends at a table and trying out great recipes!

This year, the 7th Gefilte Fest Dresden e.V. takes you to the different regions of the world and their ports, where Jewish culture and cuisine were mixed and spread more widely. With workshops, a reading (Miriam Camerini: “Recipes and Commandments”), conversations, personal encounters and tastings, we are looking forward to a familiar and enriching exchange.

As always, the festival is suitable for all ages and all those interested. Previous knowledge does not have to be brought along, but a kitchen apron could be helpful. Learn a few original Jewish recipes from experts and delight your palate with samples.


  • We are still working on it… Let yourself be surprised.

Jewish cuisine is everywhere there are Jews, and that means: actually everywhere. But what does the whole thing taste like, what is important and above all: What are the similarities in Jewish cuisine – the uniform(?) Rules, traditions and customs? What does kashrut [ritual purity, food laws] have to do with organic food and sustainability? Why is food so important for the Jewish religion? Which original German food comes from Yiddish roots (and vice versa)? We explore all these questions at the Gefilte Fest Dresden every year.

Suitable for guests of about 12 years. There are small samples in each workshop and also a buffet of Jewish food (included in the entrance fee) and water.
An event of the Gefilte Fest e.V.
Oct 09 2022


Date: 9. October 2022
Time: 11:30 - 18:00
Cost: 25 €
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Deutsches Hygiene-Museum

Lingnerplatz 1
Dresden, 01099 Deutschland

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