Latest Past Veranstaltungen

Best-Practice-Vortrag with Klarina Akselrud and Caroline Riggert

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden

Artistic-cultural education (in German only) Dagesh - Jewish Art in Context enables the visibility of diverse artistic expressions by Jewish individuals. As a platform and network, Dagesh has been exploring a contemporary, self-assured, and forward-thinking Jewish self-understanding since its inception. Dagesh on Tour is a cultural education program by Dialogue Perspectives e.V. aimed at conveying […]

Best-Practice with Maiken Umbach

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden

"I Say British, You Say Jewish": The Museum on the Street (in German only) The lecture discusses a mobile exhibition experiment in 2024, where myth and reality of Jewish life are made tangible in a pavilion on public streets and squares. The exhibition, divided into four thematic areas, connects history and the present, sheds light […]

Expert Talk with George R. Wilkes

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden

How Cultural Programmes Contribute to the Human Rights Agenda: Jews as Co-Creators This presentation will be delivered in English and simultaneously translated into German. Governments often work against antisemitism and other intolerance reactively, focusing on condemning and punishing acts of hate. But to be effective in countering extremist cultural norms, communities need to embrace the […]