Latest Past Veranstaltungen

Best-Practice-Vortrag with Klarina Akselrud and Caroline Riggert

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden

Artistic-cultural education (in German only) Dagesh - Jewish Art in Context enables the visibility of diverse artistic expressions by Jewish individuals. As a platform and network, Dagesh has been exploring […]

Best-Practice with Maiken Umbach

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden

"I Say British, You Say Jewish": The Museum on the Street (in German only) The lecture discusses a mobile exhibition experiment in 2024, where myth and reality of Jewish life […]

Expert Talk with George R. Wilkes

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden

How Cultural Programmes Contribute to the Human Rights Agenda: Jews as Co-Creators This presentation will be delivered in English and simultaneously translated into German. Governments often work against antisemitism and […]