Special Shabbat – Jewish Dinner 2022

Restaurant Kahnaletto Am Terrassenufer / Augustusbrücke, Dresden

Sensually discover the Jewish holiday with our course menu & cultural program. The 6. Special Shabbat takes place in the restaurant Kahnaletto and also otherwise we have made some minor […]

40 € – 50 €

Gefilte Fest Dresden 2022

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Lingnerplatz 1, Dresden

No, we do not proselytize! Except for delicious food. Because nothing connects like sitting together with family and friends at a table and trying out great recipes! This year, the […]

25 €

Anti-Anti Praha 2022

Základní umělecká škola Adolfa Voborského Botevova 3114/14,, Praha 4 Modřany

Hrajeme a zpíváme proti antisemitismu v Praze Spolu se dvěma nejvýznamnějšími představiteli písňového umění jidiš a klezmeru, interpretem a učitelem jidiš písní Sašou Lurje a houslovým virtuosem Craigem Judelmanem, vytvoří […]

200 Kč

A woman / with audience discussion

Programmkino Ost Schandauer Straße 73, Dresden

Mosaics of memory: In an intimate way, she remembers a woman for whom the feeling of homelessness was a permanent state. At the same time, it is the story of […]

8.5 € – 9.5 €

Jewish in Germany – How we see ourselves

Filmgalerie Phase IV Königsbrücker Str. 54, Dresden

On this special film evening we will show three films on the Jewish self-image. Under the title "How we see ourselves" (conceived by Avery Gosfield), Matthias Barthel & Nils Brabandt […]

Yuriy Gurzhy and the Jewkranians

Lukaskirche Lukasplatz 1, Dresden

Charity Gala & Opening Concert In recent years he has been a guest of the Jewish Week as an artist - played for example with the Banda Comunale or with […]

16 € – 18 €

Open divine service

Neue Synagoge Dresden Hasenberg 1, Dresden

Kabbalat Shabbat is a part of friday night worship and is traditionally prayed at sunset. After a week of work, Shabbat allows you to recover from all the efforts of […]

Tevye Served Raw – With Jews

Staatsschauspiel Dresden / Kleines Haus Glacisstraße 28, Dresden

Yiddish evening with Sholem Aleichem A unique opportunity to hear the stories of one of the most popular authors of all time, the Ukrainian-Jewish writer Sholem Aleichem, in the language […]

16 € – 18 €

Anti-Anti Dresden 2022

Staatsschauspiel Dresden / Kleines Haus Glacisstraße 28, Dresden

Playing & Singing Against Anti-Semitism in Dresden Together with two of the most important representatives of Yiddish song art and klezmer, the Yiddish song interpreter and pedagogue Sasha Lurje and […]

10 € – 12 €

Richard Wagner and the Klezmer Band

Staatsschauspiel Dresden / Kleines Haus Glacisstraße 28, Dresden

Author reading with Yuriy Gurzhy The well-known DJ and musician Yuriy Gurzhy is constantly on the lookout for the current Jewish sound of Germany. Also in his first book "Richard […]

8 € – 10 €

The Black Rooster sings

Staatsschauspiel Dresden / Kleines Haus Glacisstraße 28, Dresden

Songs of Jewish Latvia Named after Emilis Jūlis Melngailis (translated: the black rooster), a Latvian composer and musicologist, the artists refrain from polite banter, but tear the sound of Jewish […]

16 € – 18 €

DJ Night with Yuriy Gurzhy

Staatsschauspiel Dresden / Kleines Haus Glacisstraße 28, Dresden

Jazz, orchestral music, folk, klezmer, Latin, liturgical music, pop, wedding music, singer-songwriters - from the Barry Sisters to Mel Brooks to Ezra Furman and many more artists: there is an […]

10 € – 12 €

They were our neighbors

Staatsschauspiel Dresden / Kleines Haus Glacisstraße 28, Dresden

Together with you, we want to search for clues and rediscover Jewish life in the New Town. We tell you stories about the people and their fates, which are commemorated […]

Visit to the Old Jewish Cemetery

Alter Jüdischer Friedhof Pulsnitzer Str. 14, Dresden

It is the oldest preserved cemetery in Saxony. Created in 1751 and officially closed in 1869, numerous unjustly forgotten personalities found their final resting place here. The history of the […]

4 € – 6 €

Learning from Syria

Staatsschauspiel Dresden / Kleines Haus Glacisstraße 28, Dresden

Talk, music and culinary delights with Thabet Azzawi (Oud, Syria) Thabet Azzawi from Dresden brings together the topic of flight and safe havens with his own life story. First, he […]

Yiddish Taster Course I

Hatikva Pulsnitzer Straße 10, Dresden

Living a language means speaking it in everyday life. With Yiddish, this is only possible in a few places in the world, because it is a language without a country. […]

12 €

Hebrew Taster Course

Hatikva Pulsnitzer Straße 10, Dresden

Hebrew teacher Margarete Füßer explains how to speak, read and write in Hebrew. A course for all those who want to get to know the language of the Bible and […]

10 €

Izmir – Safe Haven


Lecture by Nesim Bencoya The Sephardim were expelled from Spain in the 16th century and invited to Anatolia by the Ottoman rulers. But they didn't just bring their own culture […]

Else Ensemble

C. Bechstein Centrum Dresden An der Frauenkirche 12, Dresden

The expressionist poet Else Lasker-Schüler is the namesake of the Else Ensemble, in which outstanding young German and Israeli musicians play, all of whom are friends with each other. All […]

13 € – 15 €