Advance booking offices & tickets

Tickets can be purchased online at

and at the well-known advance booking offices (see below).

Due to Corona and the exceptionally full festival program this year, we ask our guests, if possible, to order via Reservix or directly from us in the festival office via this e-mail address .

For those who cannot order via Reservix, by e-mail or by phone, we will open our ticket office directly in the festival office from 1 October 2022

. It is open until the end of the festival every Thursday, 2 – 6 pm.


… is available for children, pupils, students, trainees, the unemployed, federal volunteers, Dresden Pass holders as well as severely disabled persons (from 80% MdE) and the proven necessary accompanying person. Valid authorization cards are required.

Reserve tickets…

… you can call 0351 33 938 388 or

The tickets are bindingly reserved for you if we have confirmed this by phone or e-mail. Ordered tickets are available for collection at the box office up to 30 minutes before the start of the respective event.


Our advance booking offices:

Festival Office
+49 (351) 26734048

Box office at the Florentinum
Ferdinandstr. 12 · D-01067 Dresden
(Prager Str./ Trompeterstr.)
+49 (351) 866600

Box office in the Schillergalerie
Loschwitzer Str. 52a · D-01309 Dresden
(At Schillerplatz)
+49 (351) 315870

Ticket sales at Old Abraham
Bauernweg 23 · 01099 Dresden, Germany
+49 (351) 44813676

Königsbrücker Str. 66 · 01099 Dresden, Germany
(in the Schauburg)
+49 (351) 8038744

Ticketcentrale Dresden
Sporergasse 9 · 01067
+49 (351) 4866666

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