Film premiere “Silent Shadows”

Filmgalerie Phase IV Königsbrücker Str. 54, Dresden

- The 40-minute film will be followed by a discussion. Moderation: Valentina Marcenaro Film in English and German w/ subtitles - The documentary "Silent Shadows - Anti-Semitism as Part of Jewish Identities" is an impressive and harrowing journey through a European millennium marked by microaggressions and anti-Semitism. From the 1st Crusade to the present day, […]

5 € – 7 €

Hebrew – An Introduction

Hatikva Pulsnitzer Straße 10, Dresden

Hebrew teacher Margarete Füßer explains how to speak, read and write in Hebrew. A course for all those who want to get to know the language of the Bible and modern Israel. The Alefbet is presented, basic grammatical knowledge is explained – and the application of the language is tried out in practice. An event […]

10 €


Programmkino Ost Schandauer Straße 73, Dresden

Barbara Miller's documentary #FEMALEPLEASURE puts the spotlight on five extraordinary women: courageous, clever and self-determined. They break the taboo of silence and shame imposed by archaic-patriarchal structures. Deborah Feldman, Leyla Hussein, Rokudenashiko, Doris Wagner and Vithika Yadav are committed to sexual education and self-determination with incredible energy, regardless of social and religious norms. But the […]

7.50 € – 8.50 €

Gefilte Fest 2023

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Lingnerplatz 1, Dresden, Deutschland

The Gefilte Fest Dresden is now not only an integral part of the Jewish Music and Theatre Week Dresden, but also part of the city's annual calendar. On this year's theme "Women in Judaism - From Eve to Amy" we were able to find a whole series of lecturers who introduce us to various recipes […]

13 € – 25 €

Regina Jonas – The First Female Rabbi

von-Gerber-Bau, Raum 37 Bergstraße 53, Dresden

"A woman who came through the window because she wasn't let through the door!" Regina Jonas, who was the first woman in the world to receive a rabbinical diploma in 1935, is a role model for all female rabbis today, because she overcame the resistance of her time and asserted herself with courage and will […]

3 € – 5 €

Jewish Ball with She’Koyokh

Zentralwerk Riesaer Str. 32, Dresden

It will be played again! Our wild ride through this evening is accompanied by the great band She'Koyokh and dance master Andreas Schmitges. She'Koyokh (UK, TÜR, SRB) is a brilliant seven-piece London ensemble that will inspire us with their virtuoso skills and incredibly versatile music! Their name, an enchanting Yiddish word for "finely made," suits […]

14 € – 16 €

Yael Badash

Jugendkunstschule Dresden - Bühne im Torhaus Bautzner Straße 130, Dresden

Vocal artist Yael Badash is the seventh generation to live in a Spanish-Jewish family and was born in Israel. She is the founder and main vocalist of the electro-acoustic folk band "Baladino". Thanks to her activities, she has become a refreshing and internationally recognized voice in the Ladino tradition. Through numerous performances in Europe, Asia […]

18 € – 20 €

Visit to the Old Jewish Cemetery

Alter Jüdischer Friedhof Pulsnitzer Str. 14, Dresden

It is the oldest preserved cemetery in Saxony. Created in 1751 and officially closed in 1869, numerous unjustly forgotten personalities found their final resting place here. The history of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Dresden resembles a crime play. Join us on an exciting search for clues! Male participants require headgear. In cooperation with Hatikva […]

Keynote Speech with Dr Keith Kahn-Harris

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

Keynote Speech with Dr Keith Kahn-Harris "Rethinking Jewish culture: Embracing the mundane in an interesting age" This presentation will be delivered in English and simultaneously translated into German. In this lecture I will argue that the image many people have of Jews, as well as the image that Jews have of themselves, is profoundly distorted. […]

Input & Diskussion with Lea Wohl von Haselberg

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

"Self-worth, desire for normalcy, symbolic politics? Jewish cultural events in the German context." Jewish cultural events currently take place in a field of tension between mainstream societal desires and appropriations, as well as the longing for visibility and recognition. They occur amidst a more confident, louder diversity of Jewish life and a growing antisemitism. Additionally, […]

Input & Discussion with Dr. Anastassia Pletoukhina, Dr. David Klein and Prof. Manuel Frey

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

"Self-worth, desire for normalcy, symbolic politics? Jewish cultural events in the German context." (in German only) The Jewish community is facing various problems, challenges, and questions that are increasingly becoming more acute. Antisemitism, declining membership numbers in established communities, war in Ukraine, war in Israel. Where does the Jewish community stand, and how does the […]

Input & Diskussion with Daniel Laufer

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

"Navigating Challenges: Communicating Jewish Themes and Perspectives in Exhibitions" (in German only) "Dagesh" is a program by DialoguePerspectives e.V. that showcases the diversity of artistic production by Jewish individuals and conducts educational programs for children and adolescents nationwide. Our aim is to reflect on a vibrant Jewish culture and collectively find answers to questions such […]

Workshop mit Lea Wohl von Haselberg

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

"Curation of film programs and film education offerings" (in German only) Hardly any cultural or educational events can do without audiovisual content; feature films and documentaries are often used. What are the possibilities and limits of film education? How are film festivals, film series for cinemas or film seminars actually curated? What are the challenges […]

Workshop with Adi Liraz

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

"textile, symbols and self-representation" In this workshop, we will explore how to find our own voice within collective work by examining our personal history, aspects of belonging and identity, and attempting to uncover our personal and collective narratives and stories, as well as defining our own representative symbols. It's about connecting the past with the […]

Workshop mit Jelle Zijlstra

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

"What do Jews in the Netherlands want? The Jewish Manifesto" "Jewish joy is wrapped in tragedy." Fragilität, Trauma und Träume von Freude sind einige der Themen, die in über einem Jahr Diskussionen für das Jüdische Manifest aufgedeckt wurden, das den gelebten Erfahrungen von Juden in den Niederlanden eine Stimme gibt. Diese Sitzung bietet einen Überblick […]

Workshop with Riv Elinson (radikal_jüdisch)

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

"Critical Gojness" There is much talk about Jewish people without a single Jewish person sitting at the table, on the podium, or in the group – especially when it comes to antisemitism. For this reason, Riv and Nui, from the educational collective radikal_jüdisch, have designed workshops on the topic of "Including Jewish People!" They aim […]

Concert: Davagariko

Societaetstheater Dresden An der Dreikönigskirche 1A, Dresden

Davagariko reinterprets traditional songs of Sephardic Jews with modern instruments and a unique style. Expelled from the Iberian Peninsula, these Jews found refuge near the Mediterranean and Black Seas. The songs reflect nostalgia, pain, love, and hope. Ares Gratal (vocals and saxophone) and Ira Shiran (accordion) form the core of the project, which can also […]

Expert Talk with George R. Wilkes

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

How Cultural Programmes Contribute to the Human Rights Agenda: Jews as Co-Creators This presentation will be delivered in English and simultaneously translated into German. Governments often work against antisemitism and other intolerance reactively, focusing on condemning and punishing acts of hate. But to be effective in countering extremist cultural norms, communities need to embrace the […]

Best-Practice with Maiken Umbach

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

"I Say British, You Say Jewish": The Museum on the Street (in German only) The lecture discusses a mobile exhibition experiment in 2024, where myth and reality of Jewish life are made tangible in a pavilion on public streets and squares. The exhibition, divided into four thematic areas, connects history and the present, sheds light […]

Best-Practice-Vortrag with Klarina Akselrud and Caroline Riggert

Kulturrathaus Königstr. 15, Dresden, Deutschland

Artistic-cultural education (in German only) Dagesh - Jewish Art in Context enables the visibility of diverse artistic expressions by Jewish individuals. As a platform and network, Dagesh has been exploring a contemporary, self-assured, and forward-thinking Jewish self-understanding since its inception. Dagesh on Tour is a cultural education program by Dialogue Perspectives e.V. aimed at conveying […]